Some of the Fruit Trees

This ones are my dwarf blueberries. Not really, they get up to 6 feet tall. We are planning on putting it as ornamental plant at the front of the house where is always sunny. We also bought one elderberry for medical purpose. The flowers can be use as tea.

Below are some of the fruit trees. DH still need to trim some of the branches out back. Since our yard don't have much trees, the ones on the property line is leaning towards the empty spot. Those branches need to come down for the fruit trees to get enough sun.

When we bought the fruit trees, the people who works there told us that we are planting an orchard. Orchard for a family of six. I will be doing a lot jamming and canning with the fruits.

List of what we have:
3 peaches trees
3 apples trees
3 pear trees
3 plum trees
5 blueberry bushes
1 elderberry

Yes, you can say we are planting an orchard. I also have one branch of peach inside the house I am trying to root. Experimenting to have more around the house. I think we will have enough to feed the whole street...lol.

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