Florida Lot

After our vacation in Florida two weeks ago, we (DH & I) are thinking more about getting/buying an acreage down there as a vacation spot for a RV.  We are thinking of buying this five acres for $5500. It is a playground for 4 wheelings/shooting rages and such. The only thing is there is no electricity hook ups, water, and septic. Not really sure on how to go about getting those amenities.

But then again if we have RV, all we have to do is drive it to the place to get water and dump the waste water. We will be using propane or gas for everything inside the RV. More research to do before we go ahead with this plan. Maybe one more trip to Florida to see and talk to someone with more knowledge about the regulation inside this club/subdivision.

I am looking forward on planting some coconuts and my warm weather plant collection inside my house right now. I have mango and avocado growing here. I can plant them in the ground down there. No pot for these Asian fruit trees.


Pumpkin Patch

Growing from my garden, straight to my table on Thanksgiving Day.

I was pretty excited making my own pie fillings this year.

The two green ones below are for my children Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins.

Our pumpkin patch.

For Jack-O-Lantern. I saved a lot when growing my own.

For Cooking

Cut-up and roasting

Roasted & peel


Store in Ziploc back and freeze

Home grown pumpkins for pie


Colorful Corns

I am planning on planting only yellow & white corn kernels next year. I am trying to make this as the only source of corn for my family. However, it makes me wonder if I still get the colorful ones even though I selected special colors. I'll found out next year, I guess.