Winter is Not an Issue

Anymore, Yeah! DH bought a used 4x4 F350 diesel truck with a plow for our driveway. Yes, his been wanting one since we move here at Chestnut Ridge Farms a year ago. Having our first winter with a lawn mower plow was pretty hard for him. At one point we were almost snowed in, but luckily the snow forecast change to nothing that time.

He got it all inspected at our local garage and it looks like he made a good deal buying it. There are some things needs fixing, but they are minor to him. He's pretty happy with the purchase. Plus my whole family can fit in it. I can't wait to take to Long Island Beach Park in NJ this summer. We can finally drive straight to the beach. No more walking carrying all the things we need. O yea, we like to beach when there is not much people around us, so we goes to the farthest part of the beach.

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June 26 @ Chestnut Ridge Farms

My very selective garden vegetables are growing.

Bell pepper

Cucumber for my sweet relish.

Lemon grass, remember I bought this from my local grocery store and rooted inside a jar. There are two there.

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My Garden This Year

Below is the close-up of my garden. I have a very tiny one this year. Hopefully it will get bigger next year. Same old plastic cover, I'm trying to kill the grass and I will put the potatoes there when fall comes, I hope.

This is what it looks like in real life. I did not till the ground and I only planted a few things I needed to make salsa & sweet relish. The ground is very rocky. It will take me awhile to remove all the rocks on it.

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