June 26 @ Chestnut Ridge Farms

My very selective garden vegetables are growing.

Bell pepper

Cucumber for my sweet relish.

Lemon grass, remember I bought this from my local grocery store and rooted inside a jar. There are two there.

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My Garden This Year

Below is the close-up of my garden. I have a very tiny one this year. Hopefully it will get bigger next year. Same old plastic cover, I'm trying to kill the grass and I will put the potatoes there when fall comes, I hope.

This is what it looks like in real life. I did not till the ground and I only planted a few things I needed to make salsa & sweet relish. The ground is very rocky. It will take me awhile to remove all the rocks on it.

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Still No Till Ground

A lot of NO's in my opinion. DH decided not to have chicken this year because the fencing are not up. He don't want to put it up because his lawn mower is broken, however, he is not doing anything to fix it.

Plus, every weekend we seems to go to my inlaws house to clean and pick-up things that are not garbage. My big kitchen can never be finish because the spackle is not on the walls yet. FIL kept on insisting that one of his granddaughter will be able to do it. I can do it too, but with all the work around the house and cooking for everyone, it seems impossible. I hate being bother in the middle of work.

That granddaughter is no where to be found, well we know where she lives, but, she never answer her phone. So, I count it as a loss. They only come around when they needed something. It doesn't matter if their family needed something.

And being still cold in my area, I cannot get myself to go outside and start my vegetable garden. I need to flip the soil in chunks first, before DH can till it. So, until then my potatoes will be dying soon. Ah, life. It's easier to do other things than doing what I am supposed to be doing. 

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