More of Vegetable Garden

DD holding the longest yard/string/asparagus beans I harvested for dinner. No fertilizer just plain dirt.

Asparagus beans where I harvested the ones above.

This is okra (lady finger), I am letting this mature for my next year seeds.

Some type of squash, I harvested it and taste just like squash with white meat.

My carrots are thriving inspite of weeds growing faster than I can pull it.

More squash picture coming soon...


Update 8/12/10

Pictures are taken 2 weeks ago.

Long/yard beans (sitaw), I actually harvested some today and thinking about making fresh bean adobo.

I thought this one was cantaloupes, it turned out they are pumpkins...:0..lol

Here are my sweet potatoes. I think deers are eating their leaves, there are hooves marks around it.

The okra/lady finger, I found 2 today that I can mix with my adobo. I can't wait for dinner...yummy!!!