After The Snow Storm

I have learn something new about vegetables. Broccoli, pak choy, carrots, rapunzel can survive snows. Yup, I just found out after the storm we had about a few weeks ago. I went to my garden after a week it happened and see for yourself.

Rabe Broccoli
This is what is left of my pak choy. I have so much seeds, some are big and fertile and the other are tiny and the looks of it will never grow from them.

Pak ChoyI don't have a pictures of the carrots but they sure are growing big. My garden is filled with so much weeds now. I pulled one of my sweet potatoes but turn out to be yams. They biggest one is as big as my thumb. I'm not really sure if they will still grow because the leaves are dead from the snow get got.

Hubby wanted to mix the soil but they are still too wet. Maybe we will do it when the ground is frozen, at least it's dry and hard...:)).


Anonymous said...

I knew that broccoli and carrots could survive the snow as I have often put them in for over winter...the same with cabbages and cauliflowers...also garlic is fine in extreme temperatures as are broad beans....so there are a few things you can plant for winters. We haven't had weather anywhere near cold enough for snow yet although the weather men are telling us the cooler temperatures are going to roll in this week.. :-(

N said...

Yes, it is nice to know that some veggies can survive cold weather. I can leave them in the garden until I need them.

Thanks for stopping by.