I Harvested some Pak Choy

Some of my Pak Choy are having flowers already but they are still very tiny. I could use the seeds for next year, and I'm glad they are having flowers. Sad because, this is my very first harvest and it's only enough for myself.

Bok Choi

I cooked this with some water, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and oyster sauce. DH actually ate two raw leaves and he told me it tasted like grass. I was hoping to get more from it but since we had so much cold temperature they did not thrive well.

Bok Choi with Oyster SauceI only cut some leaves from the bunch. That is how my mother harvest them back home. We only take the largest leaves or the oldest and save the young ones for later. I sure miss Asian vegetables this year. I don't hardly have any :)

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April said...

Looks very tasty.

So far all I've harvested from my container garden is Cherry Tomatos. But my daughter eats them so fast I don't have time to even throw them in a salad :D