Sweet Potato

My Vegetable Garden My sweet potatoes are getting bigger. I know this is only one bush but I planted them far apart and I can only take one of them in one shot. I don't really care about the actual potatoes, I like the tops better. My garden is getting there.


I didn't know you could eat the tops. How hard are sweet potatoes to grow? I've been wanting to grow them for a while, but it's nearly impossible to get slips shipped into California. Our climate here on the northcoast is kind of cool and damp, so I'm not sure how they'd fare here. Any tips or suggestions?

I find it not hard at all, I live in the north east and they grow. Back home (Philippines) the way my parents know they are growing potatoes is the flowers. As soon as they have flowers they are growing potatoes underground. When you harvest the tops it is hard to grow flowers.

I harvested 4 average size and a lot of little ones last year and I only planted two of them.

That's great that your garden is getting there. I was out this weekend weeding part of my garden. My strawberry plans are really trying to spread. No flowers and no strawberries though. I tried to plant a pea plant that the kids dug up... poor thing don't think it's going to make it.

lol, I have to put my fence up to sometimes this week to keep mine DC away and other critters.