17 Pounds of Food

DH empty our food bucket that weight 17 pounds. The ground here was very wet yesterday and today it is very hard because our temperature is in the single digit. DH covered the rotting food with turf to keep the wild animals from eating it. We really don't mind then eating it but we figure that they will keep coming back when our garden is done in the spring. They might ruin our garden or worst eat everything we are going to grow there.

Hopefully with the cold weather they will not smell it. We probably have to dig a trench again to keep the water running in our garden. We don't know where the end will land but hoping away from the garden.

I am getting cold sitting in front of my pc right now. I think it's time to put a second pair of socks just about now. Tomorrow I am thinking about using our above ground pool to ice skate. What do your think? I think we might brake it with our ice skate and have a big block of ice in the backyard until spring. That would be so funny.


Frozen Or Wet

I don't we can do anything in my garden until the ground is dry and not covered with snow. That will be more likely sometimes in spring. We had some nice day, but that means the ground is still pretty soak in water. We may have to haul some dirt from the farm where we buy our raw milk to add to my raise beds for spring.

We also started saving food scraps to add as compose for it. I think we need to put it in a barrel to stop the animals for eating it. Now my kitchen is getting smaller with all this things that we are doing to be self sufficient (somewhat, just starting). Wish us luck!!!


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My Vegetable Garden Received an Award

Thanks to Rumpleteazer of Smallholdersdiary. It nice to be known by some people in blogosphere even though we don't actually know each other. Thank you so much.


Raise Beds

Right now we are trying to get prices on woods that we can put around our raise beds for the garden next spring. Our ground is just too wet and not enough vegetables grew this year. The first year we did our vegetable garden we did great because most of the water goes into our garage. This year we re-directed the water flow and it goes to where our garden is.

We are pricing the wood that is not treated with arsenic (sp?). I think it start with "L" but I can't seems to have the rest of it...lol. Anyway, soon or later I will get it. We will make it about 4 feet wide, so I can reach 2 feet from both side. We also have two canopies about 7 or 8 feet long to cover it to have an early start in spring.

A friend of ours sent us the videos of this family who grow organic vegetables in California in their 10th of an acre on raise beds. Interesting but I don't think we grow that much (6000 pounds) vegetable in a year. We are just trying to grow enough for our own use. If we can grow enough, now the problem will be "how to feed my kids what I grow". That would be an interesting battle...lol.

That's all for an update. I will not be posting much here until we do things in our garden. Wish me luck with the raise beds. I think I will like because I don't have to squat to weeds them.


I Harvested Some Carrots

Maybe someone can tell me what is wrong with them. Is the ground to wet or not mix enough? They don't seems to grow downward but outward. The one in the middle is hardly orange. When I open and cut the top and biggest one, the middle is very watery and it does not taste like carrots and the outside part is just fine.

They almost look like radishes or beets with the shapes. I will try again next year and I shall not give up...lol.


After The Snow Storm

I have learn something new about vegetables. Broccoli, pak choy, carrots, rapunzel can survive snows. Yup, I just found out after the storm we had about a few weeks ago. I went to my garden after a week it happened and see for yourself.

Rabe Broccoli
This is what is left of my pak choy. I have so much seeds, some are big and fertile and the other are tiny and the looks of it will never grow from them.

Pak ChoyI don't have a pictures of the carrots but they sure are growing big. My garden is filled with so much weeds now. I pulled one of my sweet potatoes but turn out to be yams. They biggest one is as big as my thumb. I'm not really sure if they will still grow because the leaves are dead from the snow get got.

Hubby wanted to mix the soil but they are still too wet. Maybe we will do it when the ground is frozen, at least it's dry and hard...:)).


Gourd (Repost)

Can you see four gourds here. Yes, and that is only from one vine. First year with this gourd was very nice, then it went downhill because of the weather. Not enough warm months from where I am.Gourd/UpoThis was taken three years ago when my gourd had plenty of fruits. My father was so surprise when he saw that we got so much.

Gourd/UpoThis one was the old fashion ones that came from back home. I still prefer the mini ones because with the big ones I had to eat it all week long. That is just too much for one single person.



An Update

My peaches fell off the tree because of the strong wind. DH only found two of them and now I can't find the seed/pits that I tried drying outside. I think the wind blow it somewhere else.

I even tried locating where I put it to dry but no luck. Hopefully I can get some pits next year. They are small than the ones I can see at the local market. However, I guess that's there regular considering I do not put anything but all natural soil.


Peaches Update

PeachesLook at them, after two weeks they almost ready to be pick. You can see below what they look like two weeks ago. I'm hoping I can pick them before they fall on the ground. Makes me wonder too if I can plant the seeds to have another tree, but I have my doubt it may not grow.


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Peaches This Year

PeachesThis is my Nectarine tree with only three fruits on it. I think we are having Peaches this year because the fruits are velvety. It has the texture of peach. From what I read they fruit peach one year and peach the next, is it right?

Anyway, DH drag me out there yesterday and show me that they are getting big. I agree they are pretty much noticeable now. We have to prune the tree when the leaves falls because it is tall and we can't reach the top of it anymore. I am also looking on buying some other fruit trees this fall.


Nothing Much

This is the end of my garden for this year. I already stopped weeding and now trying to let some seeds matured for next year seeds. My carrots are starting to die because the ground is plain too wet for them. I pulled a few of them this weekend and they are starting to rot under the ground.

I am hoping for warmer temperature, less rain next year and hopefully I can start early. My okra/lady finger are trying to fruit and they are only a foot tall. Lucky I still have some seeds from last year.

I can't even get some sweet potato tops because the temperature already made the leaves very hard, even if I cook them longer than I usually do. How I wish I live in the tropic in this situations.


My Garden's Update

RapunzelThis are my Rapunzel, the leaves are getting eaten by something, the same with my pak choy. Yes, that is our cat, she follows me to my garden. The grass/weeds are better than my vegetables. This was the part I weed first, and look are them weeds now.

CarrotsMy carrots are getting bigger everyday. But little bunnies keeps eating the leaves on some.

Roma TomatoThis is my biggest roma tomato and our cat modeling behind it.

Rabe BroccoliMy one and only big rabe broccoli I have. The rest are just 1 inch tall.


Pak Choy

Pak ChoyClick the image to see it clearly.
This week update of my vegetable garden. This is my Pak Choy flowering, I can definitely have some next year too. See the red arrows, I am pointing to the seeds. Very nice, I'm hoping I can sell some at my local Asian store next year. Crossing my finger.


My Vegetable Garden @ Present

Pak choys, basils, roma tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and 1 rabe broccoli can be found in today's picture of my garden. The weeding is getting done but not very fast...it will get done before the first frost comes...lol. I don't have much this year, DH and I was hoping to can or freeze some vegetables but I don't think it's going to happen.


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Update on "my Vegetable Garden"

My Vegetable Garden
This is taken form the window today. It looks like just our yard. I hate weeds and I can't keep up with them. I think if I do the weeding all day un-interrupted within a few days, this thing should be clean. Sad looking garden of mine.


I Harvested some Pak Choy

Some of my Pak Choy are having flowers already but they are still very tiny. I could use the seeds for next year, and I'm glad they are having flowers. Sad because, this is my very first harvest and it's only enough for myself.

Bok Choi

I cooked this with some water, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and oyster sauce. DH actually ate two raw leaves and he told me it tasted like grass. I was hoping to get more from it but since we had so much cold temperature they did not thrive well.

Bok Choi with Oyster SauceI only cut some leaves from the bunch. That is how my mother harvest them back home. We only take the largest leaves or the oldest and save the young ones for later. I sure miss Asian vegetables this year. I don't hardly have any :)


The Weeding Begun

I could not stand it any longer. See I started weeding yesterday. I could have done bigger than this but DC can not leave me alone. Every time I started getting into it they would call me from the window. I want this, I want that, so and so is touching me/don't want me to play with/I need you to do this for me/are you done yet and so on. I get leave the inside of our house and they are stressing me so much and I decided to stop pulling weeds.

This is not even 1/4 of the garden. My hands are hurting because it is so hard pulling those weeds. I have to loosen up the soil before I can take the weeds out.


My Vegetable Garden @ Present

Bok Choi

My Vegetables GardenRabi Broccoli

My Vegetables GradenRegular Potatoes and sugar snap peas

My Vegetables GardenI think these are carrots

My Vegetables GardenThese I still don't know what

My Vegetables GardenCan you see how much weeds I got in this garden. We had so much rain, and this is what happened, dried crack/pack and very hard to weeds garden. From very muddy, now very dry packed. The weeds grows faster than my vegetables. I'm not really sure how much vegetables I can harvest this year.

My Vegetables GardenThese are my sweet potatoes, they are getting bigger everyday, well at least bigger than the weeds. I put some stakes for the extra sugar snap peas (not in the picture) and my long yard beans. Hopefully they thrive in this weather, too wet, too cold at night for a summer.