May 27, 2015
Poor DH got all the hard work in our three days weekend. The first was very nice, it was a working nice day.

The second day was above, hotter than before but not too bad.

The third day, DH was putting the fence around my small garden. The big garden will not be use for vegetables. He change his mind because our children keep asking for a swimming pool. He will get a permit to put it up in the lower part of this yard. We have to run electricity and water there. Of course the township will need to come inside our house to see how we connect them.

Small blueberries bushes, however they already have fruits.

Bigger blueberries. Rain is very stingy this time of year for us. The ground is very dry. I have to water my garden and fruits trees every day.

This vine is a red grape, I have another one that is not in the picture.

Close-up of blueberries. I forgot to take a picture of the apples and peaches. The deer almost finish one peaches leaves, they even ate the small fruit on it. Hopefully DH can put the deer netting this afternoon when he gets home early.


The Veggies

Still not planted yet. I am waiting for DH to buy me some fencing. However, I think I am going out today to pick some sort of fencing. I grew very impatient. Yes, he will do it, but there is a chance I will be planting these on the ground around June.

The above photos are bought from my local farmers market. None of them are heirlooms. Last year I was able to buy a few heirlooms, but no luck this year.

Indian corns.

Okra, long beans, spinach, & peas.


Two Spots

May 9, 2015
Yap, I am going to have 2 gardens this year. One for big plants and one for small plants like herbs and strawberries. I'm not sure if I can plant strawberry this year but I am looking forward to it next year.

Above was already mix. We are planning on putting an above pool there last year, but out neighbor being neighborly told us that we will get fined by the township if we do not get a permit to put it up. We don't want to get a permit and until now no pool for the children and I am taking the spot for some vegetables.

This one is not quite done because our tiller is being temper-mental again when DH started mixing it. This is where my chives and onions can be found. I will be adding strawberries and other herbs here. That's all for today.


A Surprise in my Garden

Here they are. I am very happy my chives came back. I didn't brought it inside the house for the winter, and I am glad because 80% of what I brought inside died within a month. I think this one was an heirloom.

They already have buds, so more chives for next year. I'll just let the seed falls on the ground. I wish I can do this to all of my herbs. I heard lavender will more likely to survive. I will try it this year. I will cover them with a lot of leaves from our trees and hopefully the lavender can survive our harsh winter. I'm pretty sure my chives will do even better because here I didn't cover it. I simply let it withered. However, they have bulbs, lavender doesn't. I'll find out next year :).

These onions I was really surprise because I thought I killed it last year. The leaves just vanished and I didn't bother checking the ground. And look are they now. These ones will be my very first harvest for this season. I bet they will be big enough at the end of June.


New Fruit Trees

May 6, 2015

Yes, I can't believe it either that we left those trees in our old property to be chopped down by the buyers. Oh, well. We got the bad deal on that sale. We got force out because we did not made any deals, well we thought they were nice. Yea, that was the last time. We learned our lesson, and the next time (if ever) we sell another house, we know better.

This time we only bought, 3 apples, 3 peaches, 6 blueberries, and 2 grapes on Friday May 2, 2015. I like plums but the Japanese beetles did not live it alone. And I am not very fond of pears, so no pears either. The blueberries, peaches, and apple already have flowers. I'm hoping to get a taste, even one on each this year.

I will add the picture as soon as we put all of them on the ground. Oh, yeah, I started my garden this week. I will be buying little plants just like last year. The warm weather sneaked up too fast, I sowed some seeds on Saturday, but only Okra sprouted so far. And today we barely made it to 60 deg F and very cloudy. I'll find out soon enough if any other will sprout.