Kitchen at the New House

One side of the kitchen. The door closed by drywall will be going to the pantry.

The other end. One door going to laundry room and the other to a half bath.

The hole on top was used for stove ventilation. I don't think we will use it, because the vent that will fit there is commercial grade, huge, and expensive. The door goes to the back deck. I can't believe they painted the door the same color as the wall. Sometimes when I turn around fast, I can't tell where the door is. Anyway, we will replace it with better looking one with glass to utilize the natural light coming from outside.

This is a bathroom, yes, it's in the kitchen. We will move it to the second picture and make it a half bath only because the house already have four other full bathrooms.

2nd ODS sizing it up. This door goes to the living room. We will remove the top half of the wall infront of him and we will make the doorway into passageway and wider to make living room & kitchen blend.
The kitchen cabinets, sink, and sink faucet is being order this week. They said it will take about ten days to arrived. So hopefully drywall will be up, tile floor replaced, and electricity in place before they get deliver. Crossing my fingers.


Slowly & Hopefully Surely

Today the plumbing/electrician is suppose to get back to us to when he will be able to do the plumbing and electricity at the house. This week is going to 4th week and this is the reason why the progress is very slow.

The kitchen maker is already schedule, he cannot proceed because of the plumbing and electricity. Ugh, this is turning into a headache. However, the good side is, he is friends with the plumbing/electrician. If this man doesn't call us today, he will need to call him instead to get his butt to the house.

We will see today.


Yes, he finally showed up, now the question is...when will he start? Hopefully very soon, or today September 18, 2013. Crossing my fingers.


The Difference

Between somewhat clean and dirty. I said somewhat clean because after a few days of cleaning the top picture, the spiders came back and made some new webs. Yes, these windows are in the second floor and the ceiling is the overhang supported by columns.

This side I haven't finished because my legs cannot handle being so high up in the ladder with nothing to hold on to. Or maybe it was my brain telling me to be scared.

Half of the first floor flooring was mopped. Hard wood floor wasn't very dirty (but need refinishing), but the tiles are. I only change the water twice and the second time was still dirty. No running water to any pipes, and it is very hard to climb up & down 17 steps to basement, turn on the breaker for the water pump and carry the water up to the first floor and climb that same 17 steps and do it all over until the floor is clean. Nope, I didn't do that. I was tired the second time and stopped.