Lots of Cleaning

For the yard that is. We did our gravel driveway, put all the rocks that got pushed to the side and the lawn back our driveway. I used the children little hoe, it worked great. We had to fill-up some deep part too, because when DH plowed it during snow, he tend to plow to the left side and the truck tires gets to the soft part.

We also burned a lot of sticks from the trees, string trimmed all the weeds that are growing too fast and put the filter to the swimming pool. Yes, it's still cold and the children is not ready for it yet. However, we are seeing 70 degree F during the day in a few days or in a week.

Our garden spot is not mix yet. If we are lucky and no rain for the next week or so, we will be able to do so, then cover it with black plastic until the weather warm-up.

A few of the blueberry might not come back this year. I don't see any sprout/buds in them. We lost one plum tree and the rest of the fruit trees are doing well, including the one and only Elderberry. I am looking to planting several herb this year and hopefully I can find a place where I don't have to move them again next year. Crossing my fingers. So, how are you this fine spring month?

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