Nothing Yet

After having about 5 inches of snow on Monday evening to Tuesday morning, some rain today I don't have much to say. However, I found a three feet long icicles hanging at the two corners of our house.

The water spout are clog, and the gutters are filled with snow and frozen rain. I was thinking about connecting those gutters with a few volts of electricity to melt whatever are in there. Do they make gutters with electric plugs in them? Hmmm, that's an idea...:))

The verdict on my garden; snow and iced covered as of late December. (the image can be seen in my other blog too)


Anonymous said...

I am so ready for Spring and to be able to get out into my garden and feel the dirt between my fingers. It's been a long winter here in Ohio, and we have had a lot of ice and snow too. Luckily we're having a thaw right now and each day see more and more grass appearing from beneath all that white. Hang in there - Spring will come!

Nedekcir said...

he he he, my children are enjoying our little thaw this week too. I hate the thaw part, too muddy for me...:)) however, I will take thaw than frozen anytime.