Our Garden

Here is the picture, finally...lol. I already taken a picture a long time ago but I accidentally delete it from ODS camera. I thought I load them in my PC but I can't find them. Which means I deleted it before loading into my PC...:(

There are not much to see here yet but my melons (cantaloupes). However, when I went out there today, (watched the kids in the pool) I saw my beans coming out along with basil, carrots and sweet potatoes. Our first day of summer is tomorrow and I have nothing to show for it. I really need to bug DH next year to start early and I need to start my seeds inside the house. The way my is going now, there will be no saving for the winter and no seeds for the next season. This is not good. It does not help either during spring, because the kids are very busy with their meetings in March and April. Meaning I am busy too...:(

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