Pak Choy

Pak ChoyClick the image to see it clearly.
This week update of my vegetable garden. This is my Pak Choy flowering, I can definitely have some next year too. See the red arrows, I am pointing to the seeds. Very nice, I'm hoping I can sell some at my local Asian store next year. Crossing my finger.


vhingF said...

wow...its flowering already...nice to know that in few days you can coook them all na...hehehe.

Nedekcir said...

Oo nga Vhing, pero ako lang kumakain nyan. And my recipe for this thing is very limited, nakakasawa rin.

Thanks for stopping.

April said...

So are you going to share any recipes with us :D

Nedekcir said...

:) April not much to share, but i can share the pak choy.

SP8 said...

My Pak choy has just gone the same way.


Quite a transformation isn't it. I'm finding that my recently planted Bok Choy is much more productive though and think I will make the switch for good. Still it's nice to collect some seeds just in case :D

Nedekcir said...

Thanks for stopping by SP8. I saw your pak choy and they look very healthy. I will try spraying mine next year with garlic spray too, to get a better harvest.