Spring of 2007

Yard Beans/Long Beans/Sitaw


Pumpkin & Cantaloupe

Plum Tomatoes


I have so much Okra and tomatoes this year. My sitaw, eggplant and bell pepper fruits very little. I had a good harvest with Philippines corns too. They are not very long but they still taste like home. I planted yams/sweet potato/camote and enjoyed the green tops very well. They fruited but it didn't get as big because the cold weather came so fast.


I tried posting a short article on
one of my blogs that makes an
attempt at showing everyone
why Good Friday is Good!!!

My poor attempt was to demonstrate
in a way - with few if any church
words - what Our Creator was/is
up to with all of us beings that
He created. I strived to be theologically
correct but to speak in the same terms
as the song many learned: Jesus
loves me this I know...

If you have a chance, go here:

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and perhaps leave a comment also:O)

AH!! I've never seen Okra that big, now I'm crazing Okra.

hmm plum tomatoes? I'll have to google what it is

lol they are actually called roma tomato also. I am used to calling it plum tomato.

Yes that okra was big. I will be using the seeds from that okra this year. Hoping for another good harvest.

Thanks for stopping by again.