Spring of 2006

My Dad making my garden bigger, getting it ready for 2007. Can you see the gourds, this was my good year for gourd, 2006.

Gourd or Upo

Gourd or Upo

Sitaw/Long Beans/Yard Beans

Sitaw/Long or Yard Beans

Okra I planted them so close to each other, lol.


Bestfriend's blog said...

wow ate as in ha a woman of all times ka pala....I did not know that you are that so flexible nagtanim pa u ng mga gulay hehhehee i wish ganyan din me .....huhuhuhu

happy blogging...add ko na 2 na blogs mo thanks.

Nedekcir said...

thanks weng, I love doing this stuff specially when I have a lot of time.