Spring of 2007

Yard Beans/Long Beans/Sitaw


Pumpkin & Cantaloupe

Plum Tomatoes


I have so much Okra and tomatoes this year. My sitaw, eggplant and bell pepper fruits very little. I had a good harvest with Philippines corns too. They are not very long but they still taste like home. I planted yams/sweet potato/camote and enjoyed the green tops very well. They fruited but it didn't get as big because the cold weather came so fast.

Spring of 2006

My Dad making my garden bigger, getting it ready for 2007. Can you see the gourds, this was my good year for gourd, 2006.

Gourd or Upo

Gourd or Upo

Sitaw/Long Beans/Yard Beans

Sitaw/Long or Yard Beans

Okra I planted them so close to each other, lol.