Utilizing Our Yard Harvest 2015

These are some of my harvest from July to October. I forget to take a pictures sometimes. So, it;s not all here.

I freeze all the left over.

I gave most to the lady who gave my MIL a bath twice a week.

I made cream corn from these.

I even freeze chopped tomatoes, even if they look not very appetizing. I just cut off the bad part and the freezer they go. The big tomatoes you can see here are left on the ground from last year and grew unexpectedly. I'm glad they did because grape tomatoes did not taste very "tomatoey" for me when cooked. Adding other type of tomatoes tasted better.

 And yes, my freezer is stuffed with fresh vegetables. I will be eating them through the winter.

I had plenty of eggplants, broccoli, and okra. And everyday I have cooked fresh vegetables.