Last Harvest of the Season

We had a freezing evening last week and I forgot to harvest everything in my garden. However, it wasn't that bad because my peppers are still fine, along with the lemon grass and ginger.

This was the rest of the lemon grass, washed, cut, and straight to the freezer.

Here are the live lemon grass and ginger. Ready to be brought inside the house.

Their new home is right next to my desk in our classroom. That's all the sun they get. Hopefully they can survive until spring.

I left the parsley, lavender, hyssop, and peppermint in the garden. I'm hoping to see them growing in the spring. Last year I brought them inside, but they wither and I had to buy more to plant. We got so much leaves outside, when it gets a little warmer I will gather some and cover those plants I left to keep them warmer.

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