New Fruit Trees

May 6, 2015

Yes, I can't believe it either that we left those trees in our old property to be chopped down by the buyers. Oh, well. We got the bad deal on that sale. We got force out because we did not made any deals, well we thought they were nice. Yea, that was the last time. We learned our lesson, and the next time (if ever) we sell another house, we know better.

This time we only bought, 3 apples, 3 peaches, 6 blueberries, and 2 grapes on Friday May 2, 2015. I like plums but the Japanese beetles did not live it alone. And I am not very fond of pears, so no pears either. The blueberries, peaches, and apple already have flowers. I'm hoping to get a taste, even one on each this year.

I will add the picture as soon as we put all of them on the ground. Oh, yeah, I started my garden this week. I will be buying little plants just like last year. The warm weather sneaked up too fast, I sowed some seeds on Saturday, but only Okra sprouted so far. And today we barely made it to 60 deg F and very cloudy. I'll find out soon enough if any other will sprout.

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