A Surprise in my Garden

Here they are. I am very happy my chives came back. I didn't brought it inside the house for the winter, and I am glad because 80% of what I brought inside died within a month. I think this one was an heirloom.

They already have buds, so more chives for next year. I'll just let the seed falls on the ground. I wish I can do this to all of my herbs. I heard lavender will more likely to survive. I will try it this year. I will cover them with a lot of leaves from our trees and hopefully the lavender can survive our harsh winter. I'm pretty sure my chives will do even better because here I didn't cover it. I simply let it withered. However, they have bulbs, lavender doesn't. I'll find out next year :).

These onions I was really surprise because I thought I killed it last year. The leaves just vanished and I didn't bother checking the ground. And look are they now. These ones will be my very first harvest for this season. I bet they will be big enough at the end of June.

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