It's the Furnace Fault :D

This bucket used to be next to our furnace in the basement. Well, I actually put it next to the fireplace cleaning opening. DH decided that we are not going to use the fireplace in one of the house living area because his mother will be difficult to deal with just going to their side of the house. So, he decided to get a furnace instead that will run in wood and coal. It sits in the basement for a month or so, then he decided to work on it and gather woods to do the first burning.

I never thought he will actually continue burning wood and coal in them without the duct work. Well, he did and I moved this bucket of spuds to the other side thinking it will not get warm there. But I was very wrong. When the furnace is burning very well, it gets up to 70°F in the basement. And he always have the lights on down there.

Yesterday, (March 3, 2014) he tag-a-along with one of his friend to go to Reading PA and I was left in charge of the furnace. Making sure it stays lit and have enough coal. Whilst waiting for a few minute to air the furnace I do things down there, i.e. sweeping, putting things in order, and looking around. And this is what I saw. I notices the brown paper bag in top of this bucket was pushed up. I was dark and I turned the lights on. The spuds sprouts is pushing the bag off. I'm not even ready to dig outside because we still have about 1 1/2 foot of snow still waiting to get melted.

I wonder what will happen if I cut off the sprouts and put them inside the brown paper bag then move them inside the big shower room in the basement. That was the coldest part of the basement right now because there is door and we left it close. If we don't get warm weather next week, I think I have to do it.

So far I have 2 things waiting to get put in the ground. Potatoes and lemongrass.

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