Around Chestnut Ridge Farm

We finally had a break with winter weather this week. I can see the ground in our driveway. And the snow pile taller than me, is now shorter than I. However, we hadn't shovel our propane delivery truck driver path to our propane tank. Hopefully we can do it today, but not too worry. That means we got less bill to pay if he doesn't deliver anything. We have a wood/coal furnace in the basement to keep us warm enough. Not comfortable but warmer than the outside temperature.

While driving around Friday, I got excited seeing a few local farmers market starting to look lively. I can't wait to start my new vegetable garden also. I might have some company in the garden this year, DH friends wanting to plant a spot in our clearing, which we don't mind. More vegetable choices if we plan on whom will plant what.

And for starters, here is my lemon grass waiting for me to plant in our rich soil. Yes, I finally got them to roots in water. Patience was the key. I almost let it die, because I stop putting water in the jar. However, when I notice a root emerging, I caught it pretty fast and added water. I got very lucky.

By the way, the lemon grass was dark brown color at the bottom already when I put it in water. I think it took about a month to show the roots. I can't wait to use them in my chicken stew.

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