Yes, I'm Still Alive :D

I am now live from CHESTNUT RIDGE FARMS. We moved here on October 27, 2013. Today is the very first day I am able to rest and blog about our new place. We call this the in-law suite. Most of the furnitures are our extra or we don't use anymore.

PIL new bedroom set-up...

We knocked-down a wall between two 8x15 bedrooms, now it is 16x15. SIL & her DH painted it yellow with white ceiling and green trim, with blue curtains.

FIL new office (8x15) separate from their bedroom. I was going to paint it light peach but BIL said it will blend in with the white moldings and ceilings. However, I was planning on changing the molding color to light yellow or orange. Oh well, he got it done, and that's all matter.

This their living room. I painted and picked the colors to have a very happy color. It used to be light green & brown. I am happy with the outcome. Very cheerful colors. My SIL (DHs' sis) picked the curtain color. DH made a comment, "my wife picked the very cheerful color and you got that color curtain!" with a smile. True though, she should have picked something with flowers or something. But she helped and that is what we are looking for, "help." We need to look for free coffee & end tables @ craigslist and buy a few cheery paintings to complete the setting.

I'm not going to show the dining/kitchen area yet, because we are still using it. Our big kitchen is not finish yet and our groceries are still inside many shopping bags on the floor. However, I will post a pic of the beginning work in the big kitchen.

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