PIL Finally Moved In

Yes, they moved in when MIL came home from the hospital after surgery. She was very nice for two days. After that, she was back to her grumpy, psychotic self again. She still drives everyone nuts and eaves dropping on every conversation, and wants to always the center of attention. When she gets tired you better not be around because she will find reasons to throw you out of the house.

Other family member thinks FIL is a lot better looking after moving back in with us. He got his own office to hide every time his wife turned psychotic, and doesn't know reality from imagination.

Well, that's all for now. If you look on the right side back, we are having a very cold weather. Our side of the house is looking better everyday. I do not go crazy with fixing and painting. I only do it when my children lessons permit. Have a great last day of November. I can't wait for warmer temperature and longer sunshine.

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