Plumber/Electrician Update

Well, he said yesterday that he will be done at the end of the week. Not really sure if he was talking about only the kitchen or the whole house. I guess I need to wait and see.

However, here are the photos update.

Most of the above mess are gone. Floor padding are in place.

Back door and back wall all clean too.

Our new back door with glass, DH bought the door with glass because that is what I wanted to be able to see through the deck and see the woods at the back yard. Our carpenter will put a hole on the door for  a cat door.

The only thing left in the above picture is the plumbing plastic pipe. Our plumber/electrician will move it close to the corner as possible, then DH will box it in and insulated. Water pipe will be push up to the studs along with the waste plastic pipes.

That's all for now, more packing because we only have twenty days left in our house now. The title will be transfer on October 28 to the new owner (our neighbor children). We are so glad that we don't even have to put our house in the market. Our neighbor knew about our move and they decided to buy it instead.

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