Mushrooms @ the New Property

Don't ask me if they are edible because I don't have any idea. They are located under the trees in our front yard. The trees have thick canopy and I wish I can start cutting them down and re-place with fruit trees. Of course I will leave the maple trees for maple syrup. Lots of huge oaks and pines. I wish we have a saw mill to keep the planks.

Yes, this one is also a mushroom. Almost looks like dry leaf.

Light in color.

Brownish red in color.

Smaller version of the second pic.

These are orange in color.

My children called this umbrella just like the first pic.

This one looks just like the one they sell at a local grocery store.

We are still waiting for the plumber/electrician to call us back for repairs. We can't really do much until he connect the water/plumbing pipes and electricity.


Got the Property Yesterday

Just a quick update here. We close on our bigger property/house yesterday. Whoa! A lot of things needs to get done, 16 minutes away from our house now and need to get the electricity fixed to one meter, I think because the power company is charging me $12 for each 6 meters that is connected to the house. It used to be 5 apartment. The owner pay the 6th meter, however we need to turn on all of it or the electrician need to switch all of it into one...whew, that is gonna be a lot of work. Have to go, I have a lot in my plate right.


Update on the New Property/House


I don't know if the first floor layout will come out below. This what the first floor will look like after the repairs. We are removing three bedrooms (One big bedroom for my in-laws) in this floor and opening the wall in the main kitchen. (layout working, grab it with a mouse to more around)

We only have 16 days (not counting today) until closing. I was inform by the broker that they cannot allow us to go inside without her. So, measuring and cleaning before the closing date is not possible. This will cut into my children learning start date of the end of August.