Yes! They Accepted Our Offer

My husband and I are in the process of moving into our second house. I can't believe they let us wait that long before taking our offer, whew! However, we are glad they didn't haggle about our offer.

We gave them an offer of cash, with no contingency.  Take the cash and give us the property (in the short way). Our schedule closing is on August 19, 2013. We are hoping our lawyer can make it earlier than that, so that we can start repairing, cleaning and painting the house and make it livable.

Then the real fun begins. We have to fix my inlaws house then put it in the market. Moreover, get our house fix and put it in the market. DH and I love our area and town, but we are now a family of nine, and we do not fit in our four bedroom house. We don't want to move in with his parents because their house is full of junk, MIL is very territorial, plus their property taxes is way too expensive for DH and I. If they both kick the bucket, DH and I cannot afford to live there.

So, yea we got the bigger house and property. More updates will be posted here. Utilizing Our Yard will be moving to a bigger "yard" soon. :D

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