Update on the Property

Yup, they waited at the last minute to tell me that the owner was still reviewing the sale agreement. Then at the end of July 17, 2013, no answer whether it is yes or no. Today, I got another e-mail from the broker asking for another deadline extension.

She said, they will sign the sale agreement but they need to asked the higher-up before doing so, and I guess that takes another five days?

Here is what I think. I think they have another buyer offering them more than we did, but for some odd reason they cannot get any answer about financing until July 21, 2013. Then they will know if they can get a pre-qualify for a loan, then the broker will get back to and say yes (if the other buyer cannot get financing) or no (if they are qualify), they are using us as safety net just in case.

I hate them.

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