Putting an Offer for this Property

Utilizing Our Yard might be moving to this property. The one with a mark on it. It is five acres property. When standing at the road, the left side is cleared for a farm, tall grass there right now. I think it is one acre. The front of the house got a lot of trees (not fruit trees), which I think we will replace with fruit trees later on. The driveway is a shape of a lower case "n." The house have a huge fireplace that haven't use in a long time. It was boarded up, but can easily open and fix. The only thing missing is a garage. However, this is three floor building, so there is plenty of space inside.

DH and I are going to the seller's office again to redo the paper works. I'm hoping I can get an appointment for Monday. It's not possible for DH to do it tomorrow because they are behind on their work schedule already.

The building has been empty since 2011. Septic people mentioned that the septic doesn't do well empty. If fixing it will cost a lot of money, we are backing out from this. And more likely staying here where we are now.

By the way, this property is only ten minutes from us. So, I am crossing my fingers. We want bigger house and property that we can afford, and this is it. I will be putting a lot of pictures as soon as our offer get accepted, and the progress of fixing this getting it ready to move into. And fixing our house now to get it in the market. There will be a lot of work.

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