Showing No Mercy

After a few days of rain, I went outside to our vegetables garden and found a lot of flea bugs on my five eggplants. I shook them off thinking...i don't really knew. The next day most of the eggplants leaves have holes in them...whoa. No way! Yeah, right! That was what I got for not taking care of it the first time I saw it.

Grabbed my garden gloves and started mashing them. Every time I checked it, I grabbed and mashed. After a few days, I can only see two or three on the leaves. However, the absence of  these flea bugs I made a new discovery on one leaf. An orange/red long eggs. Hmm, now what are these? I removed them and mashed just like the bugs.

I checked today and found out these eggs are the eggs of Colorado potato beetle. I was like, "oh, I saw that kind of bug walking on the leaves." Yes, I squeeze one of them today. I am sick and tired of spraying garlic oil mixture, and I learned to check online if the bugs are pest or not. So, I am not showing mercy with these competition.

I also checked the potato and tomato leaves while I was outside. I have to be vigilant this year if I want to harvest some for later use. I might have to buy some marigold to plant between the potatoes. We do have peonies but they are far from the garden (maybe I should move them outside the garden) and sunflower is way too high for potatoes.

When I'm able to harvest some herb seeds, I will plant some in the vegetable garden. The only problem is, the vegetable garden is way too wet for herbs. I don't know if they will survive in the same area. Plant and learn, I guess.

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