More Rain

I didn't even got out of the house today. DH has no work because of rain. I thought we will be able to fill-up the sale agreement to the house we are looking at, but that is understatement. Making an offer is very stressful for both of us, because DH father (FIL) is included. He refuses to discuss anything when his wife (MIL) is around.

She is sick (dementia/ovarian cancer) and no way is able to sign a contract, under the law of mankind. Most of the time, she doesn't even know who and where her husband is. So, DH kept on questioning his father why they can't talk about the sale agreement while she is around.

I'm sorry DH, I can't step in and bug your father about it.

While we are looking through the agreement she came out, and like before we cleared the table. She said to DH while talking to his father, "oh you know him." I almost chime in with, "ok good continue," she didn't recognize anyone. However, she asked where her husband is and DH had to point him out. Then she still question it, "is that you."

I am stress out. I wish we kept reading the agreement and get it over with. She doesn't know anything. Ugh, this is hair pulling, and my back is hurting from stress!

Oh about the title, yes, it rained all day. I do not have any report from the garden.

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