Brown Lemongrass

Being born in tropical country I do miss eating tropical fruits and other food. Since the weather is getting warm very fast in my area, I checked my seeds packets and re-checked online on how to plant them. This time I wrote a few guidelines on the envelopes.

While doing so, a lot of videos pop-up about growing from seeds and I saw a few tropical fruits. I don't really know where this people are residing, but if I can get my hand on some dwarf fruit trees I am willing to try it.

*****Picture is not mine******
Anyway, let's get back to lemongrass. I saw a video of brown no roots bought from Asian store lemon grass. She only put the lemongrass on tall grass with water and the lemongrass grew roots and sprouted new leaves.

I never thought the a brown outside lemongrass will be able to grow like that. Now, I have my eyes for lemongrass in the grocery store. I have seeds last year, and I could not get them to grow. I will post my development here as soon as I able to buy some. More likely I have to drive an hour to get them right now from the Asian store.

Lemon grass growing will be my first project. Along with growing little/tiny seeds of peppermint in warm/wet paper towel. Wish me luck.

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