Moving Mode Again

Well, since PIL moved in after the storm Sandy, DH, FIL, and I had been considering a lot of things. Putting a wrap around deck or buying a bigger house and land for us to share. Well, mostly staying in the same house because it works better for MIL dementia.

We found an old farmhouse with four bedrooms sitting on 13 acres, large detached garage, a rustic barn with wood stove, and a mobile home for extra guest. The only thing I do not like about it is the kitchen. I always complain that our kitchen in this house is tiny, the kitchen in this old farmhouse is one side of a very short hall way and half the size of our kitchen now...whoa! And on top of the sink you will see two big cupboard...I told DH...above the sink? It will work fine with me, but FIL is very tall and I don't think he will like that at all. I also did not see a dishwasher hook-up or even a washer dryer within the description anywhere.

I hug our kitchen all day already, and with this farmhouse, no one will be allowed in the kitchen while I am in it. In the summer we will not have any problem, because I can easily use the barn or the mobile home kitchen and freed the house kitchen open for anyone who wanted to make something for themselves.

We have to sell two homes, not to mention clean PIL home thoroughly before we can put it in the market. I heard that while they are still living there, MIL leave everything anywhere and FIL cannot keep up with her. With all the junk MIL accumulate through out the years, their three bedroom house is packed all the way to the ceiling, food, paper products, cleaning products, old newspapers, plastics & styrofoams containers, and anything she don't want to throw away. Even the two car garage is full. We will need to rent a huge dumpster  for those.

And I think an addition to the kitchen at the old farmhouse will be needed, if we ever buy it. On the bright side, I can have a lot of woods for a fireplace and wood-stove, and bigger land to plant vegetables and maybe finally get chickens and goats...yay!