Gardening Done

My season of gardening is over. I could never plant anything around fall because most of my vegetables last till fall. Plus, the rainy season pick-up. DH cannot til the soil when it's raining. Even if he can, I think what ever I can plant will drown with all the rain we are having.

I harvested the potatoes I planted from the grocery store. I got more of course, however I didn't like the taste, or should I say they are tasteless and the dead stalks become the home for slugs. I found a lot of eggs and slugs in the holes. I exposed them hoping the cold will kill them and less slugs when springs comes.

I harvested a few cilantro seeds that did not get rained on. I tried harvesting the others that are wet, and since there is no sun, the mold enjoyed them. My one and only lettuce is still in the garden, I'm not sure if it will flower. I hoping to get a few seeds from it for my spring season seeds. I can't even go out there to check on what else I can salvage, my yard is way too wet to walk on.

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