More Veggies of 2012

Bok Choy/Pak Choy 




My very first eggplant, the flea bug never left this one alone. The leaves are eaten as soon as they sprout. The garlic, oil, & water pesticides that I made does not work here...:(

Long beans/yard beans/sitaw.

I didn't have any pictures of my peas. I planted 3 types of them. I have plenty of seeds for next year along with Pak choy and yard beans. I told DH that we should plant cucumber next year because we are having hard time finding sweet relish with no high fructose corn syrup in them. I will also plant popcorn. I heard they are hardy than the regular corn. I will inquire about comfrey  as well for our compost. I have to find a place where we don't have to move them.

I had read that if I want garlic and onions, that I should plant them now. Well, I don't have seed for both and the garden is not ready for it. I have to read about buckwheat also, I also heard they are good for human consumptions. I have to read more about them. I should probably plant more tomatoes next year for salsa, however, I can still find salsa with no high fructose corn syrup at the the store. I have to search for my grains for feeds. I really wanted to have chicken in the back yard next year. I haven't tried digging my potatoes as of yet. I will wait until all the leaves from the trees are gone. These are my 2012 vegetables.

I have no luck with fruit trees this year. We only gotten a bowl full of blueberries and that's it. My fruit jars are empty this year.

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