Finally A Growing Vegetables

Yes, life in this acre property had been hectic. The children are keeping me busy and on my toes. Not to mention I have to weed everyday to kept them out of my garden. I had been watering them, but I found out that the water I put in the garden wasn't enough.

We had a two days rain last week ( at the end of the week), and what a difference that made. There was not too much pods on my peas before the rain. Then after two days of rain I went out there and check, I was surprised to see that most of them have pods. So, I came to conclusion that I wasn't watering enough.

And what else did the rain helped, the weeds. They never stop growing. I kept telling DH that we should start growing them instead of vegetables. However, I don't see any use for them, rather making alcohol/fuel. We can't eat them but it will power a vehicle, not ours, and use as a lamp when power is out. However, it would be very expensive buying the gadget to make it. I think I will stick to removing them instead.

So, far, our garden have (growing); potatoes, long eggplants, tomatoes, three kinds of peas, long/yard beans, pak/bok choy (seeds kept on growing years after years from the ground, I never have to plant any seeds at all), okra, squash, melon, and cilantros. I also planted garlic from the one I bought from the store (to use everyday at home, from the vegetable area of a grocery store, not from packets) as well as ginger. They are doing very well. Looking forward on harvesting them from our garden.

These are the cilantro and a few pak/bok choy.

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