Summer is Here, and of course Mosquitoes

During my research about watering gardens, I came across a tip that the best way to do is in the afternoon. I usually do it early in the morning before my children wake up and ask everything under the sun.

Well, last night was very hot and I decided to let my vegetables drink/cool down with some water. It was fine at the beginning, however I started to enjoy it and in the process I lure some mosquitoes to join me.

Those little pests left six big bumps on my legs, arm and shoulder. So today, I got my sprinkler out of the garage. They can't get a meal out of me anymore. DH commented that most of these pest likes Asian blood. I think they can tell that Asians have the healthiest blood...lol. Or I should say that I have a healthy blood.

I hate bugs. Oh by the way, I started planting seeds in the garden last week. Most of the beans and squash are out because I replaced the black plastic for four days. The seeds that I bought this year are giving me such hard time. They sprout very fast & tall, then die when they fall because the stem cannot support the two leaves they get.

I tried planting them directly into the garden (last week), but I have not seen any of them sprout yet.

Now to blueberries next to our front walk path: every time I see them with ripe blueberries I picked them and eat on the spot...I think I will harvest about a bowl full this year.

I didn't find concord grapes this year at my local farm who sells fruit trees. I will try again next year, I guess. 

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