Way Too Wet Now

I was very happy when we were able to mix the soil before the rainy weeks came. The garden is covered with black plastic like I said before. We are waiting for the grass to grow and die before removing it. Well, with all the rain we are having, even my seeds are not sprouting and the grass under the cover are not growing. I might end up with no fresh vegetables this year...AGAIN.

Each fruit trees have small fruits in them. I'm not sure if they will not fall with all the rain and storms we are having. I have my garlic oil spray ready. I can't hardly spray them because it will get wash from the rain. Even the asparagus on the staging area is not having any more sprouts. I cannot pick the seeds because they are soaking wet.

I wish I just planted the seeds directly on the ground after mixing it. At least they are already in the ground and all I have to do is removed the cover when they sprouted. Ah, another lesson learned here.