Garden is Done

Yes, the weather had been dry for us and our garden is done. I still have the seedlings inside the house. The beans are growing like crazy but I can't put them out yet because we still get cold nights. We could not find a place to get dry manure this year, so we used all of our used coffee grind and DH mixed it a lot of times. Right now the garden is covered with plastic to stop the weeds or grass for growing. We did not made it bigger because we still need to turn the soil. It was hard to use the tiller when the soil wasn't turn first. The man in the picture is DH. The bucket/pail at the bottom of the picture is where I put all the rocks I found after DH mixed the soil. I was following behind him picking all I can find. Hoping it will help my carrots to shoot downward rather than all directions because of rocks. Looking forward to a great harvest. How about you?

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