Garden is Done

Yes, the weather had been dry for us and our garden is done. I still have the seedlings inside the house. The beans are growing like crazy but I can't put them out yet because we still get cold nights. We could not find a place to get dry manure this year, so we used all of our used coffee grind and DH mixed it a lot of times. Right now the garden is covered with plastic to stop the weeds or grass for growing. We did not made it bigger because we still need to turn the soil. It was hard to use the tiller when the soil wasn't turn first. The man in the picture is DH. The bucket/pail at the bottom of the picture is where I put all the rocks I found after DH mixed the soil. I was following behind him picking all I can find. Hoping it will help my carrots to shoot downward rather than all directions because of rocks. Looking forward to a great harvest. How about you?


Hello Spring! Giveaway

After a long winter cold month, spring can be very exciting time for me. My children cannot wait for the constant warm temperature. They can finally spend a lot of time outside far away from each other, and that means less arguing and fighting.

As for me, spring is the best time to start our vegetable garden. My family is not big with vegetables however, we try every year to plant. Knowing what kind of soil my vegetables came from is very important. Hopefully we can buy a bigger lot and become self sufficient. Anyway, I helped DH till/mix the garden once yesterday. He bought an attachment for his tractor and yesterday was the very first time he used it on our garden. I tell him all the time that we should go live where I came from to garden all year long. Maybe one of these years, we will eventually say yes.

I also love admiring the different color of spring, especially the flowers. The only sad part of spring for me is the sneezing. I'm not use to allergic on anything, but I think it came with age. No, I do not take drugs for it. Actually, I like it when I sneeze however that's always not the case. There is plenty of time that I can't do it and even looking straight to the sun does not cut it. Yes, it can be prostrated at times.

All in all, I love spring. This is my entry post to "HELLO SPRING CASH GIVEAWAY." If you are interested about entering, just click the link.



This is the one and only Elderberry we have. The information from the tag says that this is going to be tall and wide. We only bought one because of its medicinal properties and having more than one will crowd everything around the house. However, we might still buy three Apricot for its medicinal properties also. Our weekend had been very hectic, and we haven't visit the local tree farm yet.


Pear Tree

One of the three Pear tree that is. I cannot put all three in one shot. And if I take a picture one by one, they look like all the same.



These are our blueberry area. Yes, still no mulch because DH cannot find a truck he can borrow for free. Having the mulch deliver to our house will cost more than the mulch itself. We do have a truck but cannot haul anything heavy, we might end up losing the little truck.

The warm temperature we had last week was followed by colder ones this week. I'm not really sure if the peaches got pollinated by the wild bees last week. I have not seen much bees last week.

You can see our kitten, maybe the 8th litter from our cat. This one is the second look alike we kept. The first one got hit by a passing car. Hopefully this one is smarter. She is the same as the last one, playful and jump on your lap when you are sitting and not doing anything. I love playful cats.