Staging Area

This Asparagus was given to us by DH friend. He actually gave this to us sometimes in January. It was living in our basement for a while. Then his friend kept on asking if DH planted them yet. So, here they are in a staging area. We will not harvest them this year, and hopefully by next year we can move it in a better area. Yes, they are thriving well. Can you see three asparagus?


Fruit Trees Survived the Winter

I am very happy to report that all of our fruit trees survive the winter. They are very willing to blossoms and most of them have, except for the apples, blueberries, and elderberry. These three have buds and leaves sprouting, maybe they are late bloomers (I'm not sure). Click images to see it better.

Peach Tree

Plum Tree

We have three of each of the above fruit trees. I thought I took a picture of the Pear, however I cannot find it in list of what I had taken. I have to take another one later. I hate being out in the back yard when my neighbors are outside too. I feel funny taking pictures of the trees.

More update to come since spring came early this year. I can't wait to sank my teeth to all the fruits my family will be having this year...I hope.


We Want This

This property is located half hour south west of us. It sits across from a golf course and the house is well hidden at the back where the tress are. It has a little brook that I bet get enough water when raining to run a wheel to power the house.

In addition, it has one detach big garage with power and fire place. One summer kitchen that looks like a barn (run down of course) where I can make my soaps and combing my yarns. Self sufficient here we come. I wish, the realtor agent hasn't get back to us yet. We have a feeling that it's not for sale anymore...sigh:(

The front clear part is perfect for an orchard. The clearing on top will be our farm. Ahhh, not to mention the goats, sheep, chickens, and cow that we can have. Ahh, self sufficient...on 14 acres.

OK, I am dreaming. We need to contact the agents again, first. The perimeter I drew is less than 14 acres. Maybe it touches the other farm behind the property, we will find out as soon as we speak to someone.


What a Nice Day

It's been very nice at my neck of the woods since yesterday. I went for a walk around the yard and the ground is not squishy at all. The problem is, DH started working on Monday. That means he is not home to do the tilling for me.

With my luck, when he don't have to work, then it will rain and the ground will be so muddy to mix. I can't win with this weather. Last year, it never stopped raining when it was time to till the garden. This time, DH has no time to do it...ugh.