Green House Started

DH and his friend are putting the greenhouse together. I never thought how big it was until all the pieces are together. I thought what DH had standing was half of it, what they added today was more than half of the whole thing.

Actually, DH was using it as a garage when he still have his business. That was more than 11 years ago. We have to buy more plastic covering for it because half of what he used to half is ruined. Hoping I can start my seedling soon. I can't wait.



In Need of Things

Well, DH friend was nice enough (not really) to lend his spinning wheel to us and he also bought wool for us to try making yarn. DH and I paid for the wool when he got to our house. The spinning wheel wasn't even set-up and they did it when he got here. Yes, new not even open. I priced it and found out it was pretty expensive.

The wool that he bought was spun (pieces connected together to make a big spool) just like other people who sells them. However, I don't think it was washed or comb at all. DH argue with me that it is because all I have to do is put it on the stake and start spinning.

First, I haven't spin anything in my life. Second, I watch so much video that people that does this for a long time have a very nice looking wool for spinning. I kept telling DH that our wool is not even close to them.

Today, I showed him a few videos and he finally agree with me that the wool needed combing. And yes, we need to buy wool comb and hackle set. I like them better than two combs, or carder (i don't really know what you call it).

He tried spinning the wool the way it is, but it was very clumpy. Plus I can still see some grass in them. The cheapest set I found was from Etsy, it is hand made and will be coming from Colorado. If only my father is not too far away, I can have hand made by him before this weekend is over. I bet it will be done by tomorrow. Or I can ask DH to make one. Hopefully he can whip one before summer comes...:)) that would be something.