Blueberries on the Ground

I mean they are finally planted on the side of our walk path. The elderberry was not looking very well because something was eating its leaves before they all fell down. My insect repellant did not work because we have so much rain. It kept getting wash every time I sprayed it.

And have you heard my very first snow in October. My PIL didn't have any power for a week because their trees still have a lot of leaves. They stayed with us while waiting for the power people to get the line all situated.

MIL never touch anything I cooked, and criticized my pizza because I used flour with the dough. I felt like telling her off, and to make me a pizza with no dough if she can. But my FIL is a very nice man and that is not fair for him that I speak to his wife in such manner. If its not for him, she was dealt with properly....:))

I don't mind criticized if you have a solution for me, give it a go. However, if you cannot give me a solution shut up and accept it.

Anyway enough of that, I wish I can move somewhere in the south of this country for this season...brrrrrrrr and don't get me started with the electric consumption.

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