First Snow Fall

Yes, the title is right and it's only Autumn where I am (10/29/11). I have a feeling that we are in for a very long winter months. Our fruit trees still have leaves and we already been outside twice to shake some snow off the branches. The branches are bending too much. This is also the very first winter for these fruit trees. I hope they survive.

We are supposed to go camping with this snow. However, DH have to work and I will not go and spend a night in the woods by myself and our children alone. Not to mention with the snow falling. I hate driving on the snow, and the place we always use to go camping is dirt road and I don't think they even plow it in the middle of snow fall. It is in a high elevation and we don't have a four-wheel drive vehicle. We are all enjoying the comfort of our warm home...today.

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