Harvested Five Peaches

My peaches always started with many young peaches and always end up with only a few to harvest except last year. Last year we had so many but DH insisted not to picked them because the bible said to wait four years before eating fruits trees. Then took his words back because other knew it all said that only applies during Jesus time. However, it was too late then because all of them fell on the ground and eaten with deers.

The five I harvested this year had plenty of worms in them. They are all crack and ants are sucking the juices from the broken parts. I did try them ans as usual very sweet unlike the ones you can buy from the grocery store.

The tiny garden is done for the season. I got a few bean seeds to plant in spring. Hopefully we'll be able to till the ground before winter and when spring come. I can't stand not having fresh vegetables (mostly from our garden) at home.

And lastly, none of our new fruit trees fruited this year. I'm hoping they will next year, if they will survive the cold winter.

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