Knee High

My garden's weeds are knee high. Those weeds are really growing. I was able to collect a few dandelion to dry up to future use as medicinal herb. I will be digging some milkweed too before they all disappear and I may not remember where they used to stand tall.

We also started looking for boondocks property that we can afford. There are many of them with large land, however, we are not really sure if we can afford to live there because we are sure there are no job around it.

If we farm, that will take a long time to perfect and have enough to support the whole family. Not to mention supporting the government too if we are able to sell part of the harvest for cash. They are sure come after us for their share.

DH friend is also looking for some property, and we actually found two property that are two mountains away from each other. Like half hour drive. That would be very nice to have. Not only we can farm, DH can take a friend with him too and become neighbors. We just need to find him a wife and we are good to go...ha ha ha.

Anyway, I will be able to save a few seeds from my beans. I am drying them right now and put away until spring. That's all I have this year, I'm not able to eat any fresh ones. I can but I rather save the beans.

Cooler temperature is here, we are having 50's and up since last week. Swimming pool is still open, I added more salt in it because two weeks ago it rained too much, added a lot of water in it and started to turn green. Not even 24 hours the water was clear as before. I wonder how salt we need to put in it to close it for the winter and not turn green in spring? I have to research it.

That's it for this week. Have a great one. And I apologize on taking so long approving Entrecard. My Firefox is version 6 and entrecard is only 4. The bar is not compatible and it is very hard for me to check the website often.

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