I don't have much to report about our vegetables garden this year. And I don't want this blog to go doormat. I will be posting weeds around my house that have great benefit to our health. You don't need to buy any organic herb for personal use. If you are familiar with your weeds, that alone can be beneficial. Below is a video of what Milkweed looks like. This is my backyard, and I told DH to not to trim all of the weeds around our property.

I hope you have some idea of what Milkweed look. There are a lot of health benefit from Milkweed. If you have warts and like me (refuses to use any kind of drugs), you can use the white sap from the fresh leaves to remove you warts. You don't need to pick a whole leaf. Just tear a piece and transfer/drop/wipe the white sap onto your wart. Yes, you need to repeat the process until your warts dry, turns black and falls-off.

I took this picture today and the flowers smells pretty good. At the video above you can see a bunch of honey bees around it. The health benefits of milkweed in treating lung related disorders are phenomenal. It is an exceptional herbal treatment for coughs and colds and also for bronchitis, pleurisy, asthma and tuberculosis.

Health benefits are attributed to the rhizomes of the common milkweed and are quite similar to that of butterfly weed. The stems are unearthed after the common milkweed plant die. You can distinguish its characteristic pods and its single stalk. After cleaning the rhizomes up, the rhizomes are desiccated and preserved for future use in tea or the fresh root can be kept tinctured in alcohol.

If you need more information about this weed, the best thing to is search online. I only posted what I knew so far. I have plenty of reading to do before I can post all the benefit of this weed.

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