A Few Words

Not much lately.DH zero turn lawn mower broke. Our yard is never the same. He only stop at home for less than 10 minute to cut between customers (he does cut lawn for a living). So, no pretty striping in our yard now.

The scorching heat killed most of DH tadpole in the bucket. I think they cannot take that much heat for a period of days. Plus we didn't even bother changing the water those time. Well, lesson learned. We save them from our pool to let loose around the yard for bugs. Not much left now.

My dozen vegetables are thriving. I'm not sure if we are ever get any from it this year. Our children is enjoying the swimming pool. They soak in it twice a day. We had to clean the element (salt water to chlorinated water) a twice a week just to keep it going. Yes, we have saltwater swimming pool. The filter changes the salt to chlorine.

I think it is much healthier than plain chlorine that you can buy from the store. Yes, you can smell the chlorine and the water taste salty also.

That's all for now. Time to relax and trying not to do too much...I wish...

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