Is the Ground Ready Yet?

After teaching my children yesterday (we got done before lunch because we don't have much to do) I went outside checking the ground and my seedlings. I saw that the puddle in the low part of our property was dry. Right away, my mind told me that maybe I should start turning the soil, well at loosen it up for the rototiller. Can you tell I am very anxious to start?

Well, I went inside and started cooking lunch for everyone, and next thing I noticed that it's getting dark out. The weather bug on my computer was chirping telling me that there is a storm coming. What the heck? Nature knows that I wanted to start my garden and ruined it for me...ha ha ha. Geezzz! I can't win.

Yup, the puddle is back and I am hoping the rest of the week will be very dry. I don't think I will be able to harvest any seeds to the next season the way this weather is going. I wanted to move out of the valley..ugh!

I added some good blogs to read on the side bar. I hope people who owns those blogs don't mind me putting their links here. I was looking for some little farms around my area but came out empty handed. Others are close enough but nothing compare to my acre lot. They are full of information. I like to learn about wild plants or most call it weeds. I am still waiting for the goldenrod to show up in my yard. I got a book about herbs and the pictures are unrecognizable and one blog got plenty of information about wild herbs or wild plants/weeds and I wanted to compare the images.

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