It's Official

I am not getting a garden this year. Seems that H.A.A.R.P. is watching my area closely and those who live in valleys can never have garden this year. So, goodbye to fresh vegetables this summer.

My local farmers market is not even open either (well the one I like). I love their red baby potatoes there. The best I have since I started using red potatoes for almost anything, except for french fries for my children. Too little to make from it.

I hope nothing happens this winter, because my family will starve if ever. Crossing my fingers.


Somewhat Started

Yes, a little part of my garden is clean and turned. You should see my children helping me with it. DH tiller will not start over the weekend, and I started turning the soil myself with a shovel.

A very hard way to do it, but I need a place to plant my seedlings. Even my seed did not come out. One third of it made it. I wanted some fresh vegetables this year, and that was the reason for me turning the soil with a shovel. My children was breaking the chunks into smaller pieces while DH trying to figure out what went wrong to his tiller. One of the people he knew used it last year, and he was the last person that used it. It would be nice if he said that it stopped working after something, so that we knew what happened to it. But nothing was said.

We will be renting a tiller for this weekend. I think what I will plant in it worth more than the renting price. We are just hoping that there is no major storm/rain coming our way this weekend. I miss going to my garden and pull weeds whenever I feel stress. And right now I am stress and nothing to do outside...argh!


Is the Ground Ready Yet?

After teaching my children yesterday (we got done before lunch because we don't have much to do) I went outside checking the ground and my seedlings. I saw that the puddle in the low part of our property was dry. Right away, my mind told me that maybe I should start turning the soil, well at loosen it up for the rototiller. Can you tell I am very anxious to start?

Well, I went inside and started cooking lunch for everyone, and next thing I noticed that it's getting dark out. The weather bug on my computer was chirping telling me that there is a storm coming. What the heck? Nature knows that I wanted to start my garden and ruined it for me...ha ha ha. Geezzz! I can't win.

Yup, the puddle is back and I am hoping the rest of the week will be very dry. I don't think I will be able to harvest any seeds to the next season the way this weather is going. I wanted to move out of the valley..ugh!

I added some good blogs to read on the side bar. I hope people who owns those blogs don't mind me putting their links here. I was looking for some little farms around my area but came out empty handed. Others are close enough but nothing compare to my acre lot. They are full of information. I like to learn about wild plants or most call it weeds. I am still waiting for the goldenrod to show up in my yard. I got a book about herbs and the pictures are unrecognizable and one blog got plenty of information about wild herbs or wild plants/weeds and I wanted to compare the images.